Wednesday, April 16, 2014

PC Sox Owners Hold Fenway Yoga Sessions

(Boston Magazine)
As if lame country and western acts weren't bad enough—how about yoga sessions at Fenway Park (for the second straight year, no less)? The ever politically-correct NOG (New Ownership Group) is really going over the top by bringing in "celebrity" yoga instructor Mandy Ingber (the creator of Yogalosophy). Apparently, we're supposed to be impressed that she has clients like Jennifer Aniston, Kate Beckinsale, Brooke Shields, and Helen Hunt. Ooooh! On Sunday June 8th, "FenwaYoga" will offer two classes—each with 222 participants along the warning track. Warning, indeed! Now, all the proceeds do go to The Red Sox Foundation, so we can't complain too much. But yoga? What's next, Red Sox trainers offering New Age "therapeutic touch" sessions—you know, manipulating "energy fields" in the bodies of lucky fans? Jeesh! Stick to baseball, will 'ya?