Friday, April 18, 2014

More Selective Jackie Bradley Seeing Success

Jackie Bradley, Jr.
As pointed out by Tim Britton of The Providence Journal, Jackie Bradley, Jr. is starting to see the benefits of his more selective approach at the plate. Beyond the increasing number of clutch hits, Bradley is also walking a lot more (15.4% of plate appearances) than he did in his first stint in the bigs. His increased confidence is allowing him to lay off un-hittable inside pitches—which leads to deeper counts and better overall at-bats. Said JBJ, "Some of the pitches inside, I’m just not even swinging. I’ll give them that pitch and hopefully look for a pitch that I want to handle a little bit better. It’s just been one of those things where, if it’s a pitch where you don’t feel like swinging at it in a particular count, just take it." The combination of plus defensive skills and an improving offensive approach suggests that he will be an integral part of Boston's outfield for a long time.