Friday, April 11, 2014

Ellsbury To Get 2013 World Series Ring Today

The Bling
Ben Cherington and John Farrell will present Jacoby Ellsbury with his 2013 World Series ring at some point today—forever closing the chapter on his Red Sox career. Ellsbury told that a bunch of his former mates had congratulated him on getting the renowned piece of jewelry, "They said it was awesome -- exact words. But yeah, they were excited, I got a few messages from them when they went to the White House. Basically let me know, 'Hey, you're a part of this, and congratulations'." Of his nine years with the Red Sox organization, Ellsbury commented, "I played as hard as I could. I'm definitely proud of my time over there. I think of the championships, the two championships that come to mind." We'll see what "comes to mind" among the Fenway Faithful on April 22nd.