Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Seven Percent Solution: Lester Deal Or Not?

UPDATE: Lester—Nothing new.
As's Ken Rosenthal points out, the Red Sox have only retained six of eighty-nine free agents since 2004—that's about 7% for the cipher-impaired. Jon Lester isn't a free-agent yet, but without an extension, he would become one in 2015. So, what does that mean for the rumored agreement that both sides seem to want before Opening Day? Well, that's just five days away, and there are no press conferences scheduled. Is a hitch developing in the negotiations to ink the lefty to a long-term deal? By right, Lester should get a minimum of $20 million a year for five years—and (based on comparables) could justify as much as six years and $145 million. But Lester has already said that he's willing to accept a "hometown" discount—although probably not at the level Dustin Pedroia agreed to. So, what's the hold-up? Stay tuned.