Monday, March 3, 2014

Red Sox Setting Sights On An Encore '14 Ring

In the free agency era, only the Blue Jays and The Evil Ones have pulled off back-to-back World Series Championships. If the Red Sox can do it in 2014, it would also translate into four rings in eleven years. We're talking dynasty, here. And, if the attitude of the manager and players is any indication, your Carmine Hose are hungry for a repeat performance of 2013. The laser-like focus on 2014 is impressive, with the trappings of 2013 glory clearly in the rear-view mirror. Says Jonny Gomes, "We don't need that stuff. We ain't no defending champions. Don't call us any of those things. It's in the past. It's all archived." But perhaps the avuncular John Farrell put it best, "They're in the midst of writing their own story, and leaving their own trail behind them. We came into a dynamic last year where players wanted to re-write either the story of this franchise or their story individually. We did that, and there is a different view of us than coming in last year. The reasons may be different now, but the dynamic is the same. It's not something that is some contrived mantra or slogan, it's genuine. There won't be any complacency."