Monday, March 24, 2014

Ortiz To Sign $16M Contract Extension Today

(Getty Images)
All the rumors were true—with an extra $1 million cherry on top. Booh-Yah! (with apologies to Pam Grier). David Ortiz will sign a one-year contract extension today worth $16 million for 2015. The pact reportedly also has provisions for 2016 (club and vesting options based on plate appearances) and 2017 (club option). The deal will keep Big Papi in Carmine Hosepotentially—through his 41st birthday. Slobbered Boston Globe owner John Henry, "With this agreement, we have near certainty that David Ortiz will finish his career in a Red Sox uniform, which is something we have all wanted and that we are all proud of. It is difficult to describe David’s contributions to our city both on the field and off the field, and we are so proud to have this ambassador of our game with us as he continues on this road to Cooperstown." Good for Papi!