Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Jerry Remy's Fate Should Be In His Own Hands

by Ernie Paicopolos, Editor-In-Chief

Full disclosure right off the top—my bias is in support of Jerry Remy. In 1992, while a 'get-a-lifer' at Red Sox Fantasy Camp in Winter Haven, I was lucky enough to have Remy as my manager. All the players who got to know Jerry—including myself—found him to be a genuine, thoughtful and helpful person. While he was already four years into his broadcasting career, these were pre-'RemDawg' days. The 'brand' had not yet materialized. Over the weekend, an article appeared in The Boston Globe detailing the horrific spree of mayhem carried out by Jerry's son Jared Remy. This pattern of behavior culminated in the alleged brutal murder of Jennifer Martel. The article is a chilling account of how Jared was allowed to escape punishment for multiple acts of violence—mostly against women. The Massachusetts 'justice' system was nothing short of a pathetic joke. In the wake of these disclosures, there has been a renewal of the debate as to whether Remy should remain as NESN's color commentator on Red Sox broadcasts. There are many who want him fired for what they perceive to be enabling behavior toward his son. While Jerry admits to some of this, it should not lead to his forced dismissal. Jerry and his wife—by all accounts—did everything they could to get Jared the help that might have turned him away from his pathological life. Their efforts failed, and a young woman is dead. Should these circumstances lead to Remy's firing by NESN? We don't think so. Our view is that whether he stays or goes should be Jerry's decision alone.