Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Is Grady Sizemore The 'Fort Myers Miracle'?

Ben Cherington may already have won the 2014 'Executive Of The Year' award. If his "off-the-scrap-heap" signing of Grady Sizemore results in the former All-Star contributing at his old skill level, Boston will have the bargain of the century in center field this year. And that would be true even if Sizemore hits all of his incentives and pulls down a 2014 payday of $6 million—hey, that's chickenfeed these days! So far, all Sizemore has done is hit .381 and display the kind of defensive wizardry that could make us forget about some guy named Jacoby. It's early, of course, and what the Red Sox really need to find out is if he's durable over the long-term. After all, he's basically missed two full years. Nevertheless, you have to think he's played his way onto the roster. That means that Jackie Bradley, Jr. either heads back to AAA or also makes the squad—necessitating a trade of either Mike Carp, Daniel Nava, Jonny Gomes or (highly unlikely) Shane Victorino. But, something's got to give—after all, the Fort Myers Miracle is not just a Twins Single A franchise anymore.