Friday, March 21, 2014

Farrell: Sizemore 'Likely' CF If Keeps 'Durability'

(AP Photo)
According to, John Farrell let loose with a potential bombshell on Friday—essentially saying Grady Sizemore is the team's starting center fielder if he stays healthy. The exact quote from Farrell is: "We have every reason to believe at this point that he is a likely candidate to become an every day player, with durability on his side at some point. The medical exam, the medical information is guiding us with a progression. But every piece of feedback from the medical staff has been positive with the end thought that he’ll become an every day player," Amidst the semi-ambiguity, there's very little actual ambiguity. Right? What impact this will have on the destination of Jackie Bradley, Jr. remains to be seen.