Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ellsbury Is Unclear On The (Winning) Concept

(AP Photo)
Due to a right calf injury, Jacoby Ellsbury was not in pinstripes for today's match-up with his old team. He did, however, fraternize with various members of The Carmine Hose during batting practice. He said all the requisite nice things about his stay in Boston ("I’ve always said I enjoyed playing there"). But, when it came to explaining why he signed with The Bronx Embalmers, he wasn't making much sense. Said the new Pinstriped Poser, "...you start talking to teams, it was exciting when they made the offer, I saw what they were doing, their history, a chance to win right away, a chance to win championships. That was the biggest thing that was appealing." A chance to win right away? Earth to Jacoby—was last October not "right away" enough for you? How about 2007? Last time we checked, The Empire hadn't conquered anything in five years. Jacoby, think before you open that pie hole.