Thursday, March 6, 2014

Big Papi Will Miss Derek Jeter When He's Gone

(Sports Illustrated Photo)
In an interview yesterday on MLB Network Radio on SirisuXM, David Ortiz made it clear just how he feels about retiring Yankee captain Derek Jeter. Said Big Papi, "If there’s one guy that the baseball game is gonna miss once he’s retired, it’s Derek." Since 2003, Ortiz has been front and center in the epic poem that is the Red Sox-Yankee Zeitgeist. He knows how many times Jeter has pierced The Nation's heart with clutch RBI flares to right field. And yet, he treasures the way Jeter has gone about his business over the last two decades. Ortiz continued,  "Derek is very professional; that’s a guy that is all about the game, all about the business. He is one of the baseball players that I can tell you that pretty much his whole career has done everything perfectly right. And when I watch him play I get goose bumps. You know what I’m saying? That’s one of the players that everybody wants to come and see. That’s a player that definitely we’re all gonna miss after he’s done with baseball."