Monday, February 17, 2014

Sox Holding Firm At One Year For Stephen Drew

(AP Photo)
According to John Tomase of The Boston Herald, the Red Sox are holding to a one-year deal if Stephen Drew wants to return to the Red Sox. Drew and UberAgent Scott Boras are still looking for a multi-year deal—with no takers as yet. In an unusually candid comment, manager John Farrell pretty much put the kibosh on any deal stating, "I think the one thing that we don’t want is a lingering what-if if Stephen is still out there. I think in all fairness to our guys, our clubhouse, guys that would be affected if he were to be brought in. Certainly I can’t speak for Ben in this situation; I think the more that we know what our team is going to look like, or at least those guys in our clubhouse, it probably settles some of that wondering if another player is going to join us." Hello.