Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Positive Prognosis On Jake Peavy's Ring Finger

(FenwayNation Photo)
If  Jake Peavy had injured his "pinky", then our headline would have been even more alliterative: "Positive Prognosis On Peavy Pinky". As luck would have it, he injured his right ring-finger. In all seriousness, Peavy got good news today on that finger and it looks like he'll be ready to regain full throwing rights as early as tomorrow. With the departure of Ryan Dempster, any serious setback for Peavy would suddenly make the Red Sox starting pitching excess much less so. Said John Farrell of Peavy, "More than anything, the information he took out of throwing today was very encouraging. The discomfort that he felt when he first reported, that's steadily going away. Today was a day to get some long toss in, and he completed it successfully." Excellent.