Friday, February 28, 2014

Mayor Ending Sox Sweetheart Parking Deal?

Well, it looks like the NOG (New Ownership Group) may not have a sycophantic lapdog at City Hall anymore. New Boston Mayor Marty Walsh is trying to make Red Sox players, staff and families pay for their parking in and around Van Ness Street. This, of course, is quite different from the free ride given to the team by former Mayor Tom "I'm looking forward to the transmission period" Menino. The new Walsh administration is "reviewing" a deal engineered by Menino allowing for the free parking perks. The team claims the arrangement goes back to a 1945 pact brokered by former owner Tom Yawkey. As far as we can tell, the Mayor in 1945 was the twice-imprisoned James Michael Curley. Nuff 'Ced. Maybe if the players have to pay for parking, they'll be a little more appreciative of what fans have to go through to park around Fenway—especially in The People's Republic of Brookline with their jack-booted parking trolls.