Wednesday, February 12, 2014

ESPN Documentary On A-Rod, Sox, Yankees

A new documentary short chronicles the epic struggle between the Red Sox and Yankees to win the services of Alex Rodriguez before the 2004 season. With crisp, candid interviews among the key principals (Larry Lucchino, Theo Epstein, Brian Cashman, John Hart), the film is a fascinating look behind the scenes of what would have been (up to that point at least) the biggest deal in Red Sox history. Created by brothers Colin and Nick Barnicle, the film has several tantalizing bits of trivia. The best might be that—once the Rangers and Yankees agreed on a deal for A-Rod—Texas could have had not only Alfonso Soriano but Robinson Cano as a "throw-in". We also hear how eager Rodriguez was to don Carmine Hose, stating, "I want to be part of this rivalry". And, Theo conceding that the 2003 Aaron F. Boone walk-off "sucked the humanity right out you". After that moment, Boston decided to go after A-Rod—but, as we all know—the union nixed the deal. Thank you, Donald Fehr! You can view the video HERE.