Thursday, January 16, 2014

Players, Umps Give Nod To Expanded Replay

(USAToday Photo)
UPDATE-Union: only 1-year trial
It's now official. Major league baseball players and umpires gave their final approval to the 2014 implementation of an expanded replay system. Owners gave their approval last November. Reportedly, there will be two manager challenges per game—with no restrictions on the innings in which the challenges can be made. And —amazingly—fans will be allowed to see the video of disputed plays both at home and at the ballpark. So, MLB will finally begin to use 21st century technology on replays. What effect the new rules will have on the length of games is a whole other issue—but, as the years go by, the time impact will probably lessen. Give credit to Bud Selig—he did not want this initially.