Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Ill-Fated Bobby Jenks Wants To Return To MLB

You've probably forgotten all about him. Bobby Jenks—once thought to be an 'answer' in the Red Sox bullpen—wants to make a comeback to The Show. It's easy to make fun of Jenks and his disastrous stay in Boston, but he has endured a raft of bad luck over the last several years. First, the back issues that arose with the Red Sox ballooned into life-threatening spinal fusion surgery—from which he is still recovering. On top of that, a deep addiction to pain-killers and a major bout of depression haunted him since he last pitched in the majors. Now, he is clean and healthy and wants another shot. It's easy to forget that he was once one of the most dominant young closers in baseball. As he now says, "I didn't disappear and didn't fall into pit of addiction. I climbed out of it, and I'm doing pretty well." We wish him the best in his attempted return.