Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ex-Sox Bronson Arroyo Still Looking For A Job

(AP Photo)
He will forever be remembered as the guy who had the ball "slapped" out of his grasp by The Fraudulent One. Later that same year, he helped Boston to its first World Series Championship in 86 years. But, now, Bronson Arroyo can't get arrested. As Spring Training rapidly approaches, Arroyo is jobless. As he says, "I don't even have an offer to turn down. So I might still be sitting here on March 1. I have no idea." And yet, over the last nine years, no one has started more games in the major leagues than Arroyo (297-tied with Dan Haren). And he's hurled at least 199 innings in each of those nine seasons. With the general state of starting pitching these days, Arroyo will surely get work—but, for now, it's frustrating the heck out of him.