Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Book: A-Rod's Steroid Use Goes Back To HS

A-Rod To Play A-Rod?
The New York Post has acquired a copy of a proposal for a new book (and possible movie) about the Alex Rodriguez-Biogenesis fiasco. One of the bombshell findings of the book is the allegation that A-Rod's steroid abuse dates back to his days at Westminster Christian High School in Miami. The book-and-movie proposal—titled "Bad Blood"—is written by Miami New Times reporter Tim Elfrink, who first broke the story a year ago. The floor is open for suggestions about who plays The Fraudulent One in the movie (of course, we think he has to play himself). In a related story, The Centaur is planning his own book about the vast conspiracy by the nearly-80-something Bud Selig.