Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Red Sox Are #1 GOOGLE-Searched MLB Team

The World Series Champion Red Sox were the most searched MLB team in the country on GOOGLE this year—and David Ortiz was the eighth most searched player. Interestingly, the Pittsburgh Pirates were #2 on the GOOGLE search list, followed by the Atlanta Braves, Cleveland Indians and Tampa Bay Rays. Missing from the Top Ten? The Pinstriped Posers! Globally, the Boston Marathon bombings were the #1 most-searched event, with #Boston the top GOOGLE+ hashtag. Tom Brady was the #4 most searched NFL player this past year, but the New England Patriots did not even show up in the Top Ten of NFL teams (the Jacksonville Jaguars made it!). The Boston Bruins finished second on the NHL team list—behind the team that beat them in the Stanley Cup Finals. On a more mundane note, 'Luke' was the most searched boy name and 'Fallon' was the top girl name people in the US searched for in 2013.