Friday, December 13, 2013

Red Sox Owners Expand Booze Sales At Fenway

There's nothing more insufferable than self-righteous people who preach piety and practice debauchery. The NOG (the New Ownership Group of the Red Sox) has spent their entire time here letting us all know how politically-correct they are—from their annoying recycling goons to their "healthy" concession options. And of course, they never miss an opportunity to wear their political allegiances on their sleeves. Frankly, we don't care who they vote for—and we shouldn't have it rubbed in our faces. So now this trio of busy-bodies has won the right to expand the sale of booze at Fenway Park. Apparently, the heightened likelihood of drunken fans clogging the highways and byways of Greater Boston after games doesn't offend their oh-so-liberal sensibilities. As of 2014, there will be three more stations to get booze at Fenway—and now you can make an ass out of yourself until the end of the seventh inning—no matter what time it is! And it's not just watered-down beer that you can imbibe—now there's a wide range of mixed drinks you can take back to your seats (two at a time). What a bunch of hypocrites.