Monday, December 16, 2013

Could 'Oakland A's' Become 'Montreal Eh's'?

In 2005, Les Expos left Montreal for Washington, DC. Until recently, no one has ever seriously considered a return of America's National Pastime to Quebec. Now, however, a group of Montreal businessmen has revealed a study concluding that a team could be viable in the land of (failed) separatism and (alleged) rudeness. The assumptions under which the study makes its conclusions are: "a modest but competitive payroll, average ticket prices in line with league averages, (and) a local broadcasting rights deal in line with other similar MLB markets." Former Expo Warren Cromartie founded the group that sponsored the study which estimates a total project cost of $1.025 billion — $525 million to buy an existing team (presumably the floundering Oakland A's) and $500 million to build a new stadium. Of course, the team could be called The Montreal Eh's.