Friday, December 27, 2013

'At Fenway' Crooner Sues Red Sox Over Video

The 'Crooner'
Brian Evans, the Sinatra wannabee who (in our humble opinion) made a horrifically bad music video called 'At Fenway' in 2012 is now suing the team. Evans claims that—after first authorizing the video— team ownership worked to undermine its success. The video is bad enough on its own, but cameos by William Shatner (as the umpire) and Ernie Boch, Jr. (as Red Sox manager) make it epically dumb. Then there are tortured lyrics like, "No matter where you sit, you're in heaven for a little bit." Mr. Evans claims things got bad after the death of his mother at a Merrimack Valley hospital owned by Steward Health Care. Evans began a public campaign against Steward, which he believes triggered the negative actions by the Red Sox—who had marketing relationships with the hospital company. Who knows? This could be the next big trial for Nancy Grace, et al.