Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A-Rod Could Get Nailed Right After New Year's

(Photo: Sports Illustrated)
According to a report by Bob Klapisch of the Bergen Herald (and you know how many Pulitzers that fine northern New Jersey publication has garnered), the decision on Alex Rodriguez's suspension appeal could come right after the New Year. It's been a little over a month since the hearings ended, and arbitrator Frederic Horowitz should pretty much know by now how to rule—after all, this isn't exactly Marbury v. Madison. There are basically three possible outcomes: 1.) the full 211-game suspension is upheld; 2.) the suspension is overturned; 3.) the suspension is reduced to something less than 211. The Evil Ones, of course, are hoping he gets the 'full monty'—which would technically free-up a crap-load of cash. If he is exonerated, he (along with his ridiculous contract) would be back on the roster and presumably healthy for 2014 action. So, either way, it's pretty much a "win-win" for Red Sox fans.