Friday, November 1, 2013

Tommy 'Nostradamus' Corsi Called It In March

He has finally been found. The one person on Planet Earth who predicted that the 2013 Boston Red Sox would win it all. His name is Tommy Corsi, and on March 26, 2013 he TWEETED out this: "6 days til the season calling now sox win World Series in 6 over Cards". Yikes! Not only did he foretell Ring # 8—he picked the number of games and the opponent. This guy need to accompany me to the local Cumby's to purchase a few MegaBucks tickets. For the record, FenwayNation predicted the Red Sox would finish in fourth place at best. Sports Illustrated, you may remember, picked Boston for last in the AL East (also projecting the Nationals over the Rays in the Fall Classic). All Hail Corsi!