Sunday, November 10, 2013

REPORT: Sox Have About $32 Million To Spend

A typically comprehensive column by's Alex Speier shows that the Red Sox have about $32 million to spend this Winter. This number is the difference between all of their obligations (salaries, mid-season reserves, league contributions, money owed to other teams, etc.) and the $189 million luxury tax threshold. Staying below that mark will result in a windfall of extra cash in refunds on earlier revenue sharing contributions. Speier argues that not offering Jarrod Saltalamacchia a qualifying offer was less due to displeasure with the backstop than gyrations by the team to make its way through this financial minefield. Of course, once you figure out how much you can spend, the next question is: 'On whom do you spend it?'. Is it spent on bringing Jacoby Ellsbury back or bringing in another big name via free agency or trade? That's what makes the Hot Stove—particularly one warming a shiny trophy—so much fun.