Thursday, November 7, 2013

Pedey 'Hunting Down' Jacoby, Get Him To Stay

Amidst an interesting article by's Jackie McMullen, it was revealed that Dustin Pedroia plans to 'hunt down' Jacoby Ellsbury in Scottsdale, Arizona over the next few days and convince him to return to the Red Sox. Said The Muddy Chicken, "I might try to talk with him a little bit. Jacoby loves playing in Boston. There's this misconception out there that all he wanted to do this year was maximize his value so he could go somewhere else. That's not fair. He's been a great teammate, a huge part of our team. I'll be really happy if I show up to spring training and see him there." Pedroia also says it was Ellsbury who convinced him to play through his torn thumb ligament rather than have surgery after his Opening Day injury.