Thursday, November 21, 2013

Impact Of Fielder Trade On Napoli And Ellsbury

(Getty Images)
The blockbuster trade that sent Prince Fielder to Texas and Ian Kinsler to Detroit is not just an isolated swap between extra-divisional rivals. The transaction is likely to have an impact on the Red Sox in many different ways. First, the market for first baseman Mike Napoli has now shrunk—as Texas no longer needs to fill that spot. Since Detroit will likely move Miguel Cabrera from third to first, Motown—on the surface at least—is also an unlikely landing spot for Napoli. But, the Tigers still need to add a bat to compensate for the loss of The Big Veggie, so keeping Carbrea and third and getting Napoli to play first might be an option. Despite eating a lot Fielder's remaining salary, Texas is still looking for more—and the addition of Jacoby Ellsbury could dramatically transform the top of their lineup. Another Red Sox target—Brian McCann—is seen by most to be a perfect fit in Arlington as well. So, all in all, one big trade might have lots of ramifications for The Carmine Hose.