Monday, November 25, 2013

Evil Empire To Cano: "Take It Or Leave It, Pal"

(AP Photo)
In what amounts to an ultimatum, the New York Yankees are telling Robinson Cano that their 7-year, $160+ million offer has a limited shelf-life. Concerned that free agents are flying off the board while Jay Z dithers, The Bronx Embalmers want to add others—besides Brian McCann—to their free agent pile. Of course, Jay Z and Cano are still of the opinion that the second baseman will get a 10-year, $310 million deal. Unfortunately for them, that will not happen on this particular planet. All the talk that things will 'work out' between Cano and The Pinstriped Posers seems to be a bit premature. No matter how many free agents The Evil Ones add (they're likely to ink Carlos Beltran soon), losing Cano would be a real body blow to their image and their chances of becoming relevant again.