Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Cubbies Rip-Off Yawkey Way 'Fan Mall' Concept

Apparently, Theo Epstein is suffering from Pedestrian Mall Envy. The City of Chicago—in an apparent effort to increase the already high level of violence—is allowing the Cubs to sell beer and wine in 'kiosks' outside 99-year old Wrigley Field. Fans would be allowed to "bring drinks in plastic cups to the plaza" on Clark Street outside the stadium. But the Cubbies got a deal even sweeter than the Red Sox could extract from their good buddy Mumbles. Mayor Rahm Emanuel (formerly of the Obama 'brain trust') is also allowing the plaza to operate year-round, even when the Cubs are on the road. No wonder the residents of Wrigleyville have cynically named the mayor Cubs 2013 MVP. And you think politics is corrupt in Boston!