Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Brian McCann's Agent Says He 'Likes' Boston

(USATSI Photo)
Scott Lauber of The Boston Herald reports that Brian McCann's agent says the Braves catcher is 'fascinated' by the idea of playing for the Red Sox. Said B.B. Abbot, "Certainly Boston is a city that Brian likes, and he has always respected the organization and the front office. Obviously, the coaching staff and clubhouse unity is attractive. He has also always been fascinated with the fan base, their support of the Red Sox and the history of the organization. Boston would certainly be a place that would be a consideration for Brian." The Atlanta free-agent is being hotly pursued by many temas—most assiduously by Texas—but McCann is also best friends with current Boston back-up catcher David Ross. Fans will remember that Ross supplanted Jarrod Saltalamacchia in three World Series games—and Salty was not made a qualifying offer.