Monday, October 28, 2013

Walk-Off Pick-Off Was A Surprise To Everybody

Remember when Jonathan Papelbon whirled and gunned down Matt Holliday (ever heard of him?) at first base in the 2007 World Series? That was the result of a detailed scouting report on the lack of base-running savvy by Holliday. Last night, no one was expecting a pick-off of Kolten Wongnot even Koji Uehara. Said Koji, "I was trying to change the rhythm [for batter Carlos Beltran], and it just happened. I was aware that if there was a home run, it would tie the game. Obviously a big relief." So, how about catcher David Ross?: "I did nothing. Just make sure to quote me on that: I had no idea what was going on." Manager John Farrell was busy talking to his coaches about infield placement. Wong's explanation?: "My foot just slipped out."