Saturday, October 26, 2013

Top 10 Reasons Why Farrell Kept Using Gomes

by Larry Shiman, FN Board

Now that Farrell has decided to use Nava in St. Louis (due to the "spacious outfield"), I thought I'd provide the top ten reasons Farrell's been using Gomes until now:
1. Nava is not the fastest runner in the league, and might clog up the basepaths. There is no chance of that with Gomes - you need to get on base first.
2. Farrell is concerned about grounding into double plays. By striking out or popping up every at bat, Gomes is unlikely to hit into a double play.
3. Starting Gomes against a right handed pitcher gives the Sox an advantage in case the other team brings in a left handed reliever in the first inning.
4. Following the lead set by the Nationals last year when they shut down Strasburg to protect his arm after coming off Tommy John surgery, Farrell decided to shut down Nava for most of the postseason to keep him healthy for the future.
5. Gomes, due to his size, would probably be better than Nava in an on-field brawl.
6. When other Red Sox struggle in the lineup, like Salty, they feel better knowing that the left fielder isn't hitting either.
7. Farrell would prefer not to play a young kid like Nava during the World Series, forgetting that Nava is actually 30 years old.
8, Gomes has been slipping Farrell a five dollar bill every time Farrell "forgets" to write Nava's name in the lineup.
9. Nava came down with a two week case of the Fenway Flu.
10. Two words: Better Beard.