Thursday, October 24, 2013

MLB Clears Lester Of Lame 'Loading Up' Charge

The Silly So-Called 'Evidence'
OK, the gloves are now off—literally. Frankly, we've had it up to here with the polite, "goody-two-shoes" image of Cardinal fans. Now, a minor league Cardinal pitcher is lamely charging that Jon Lester's Game One performance was due to him loading up the ball with Vaseline. Are you kidding me? How Busch League is that? The pitcher in question—the immortal Tyler Melling—TWEETED out his baseless charge last night during the game. Major League Baseball immediately responded today that no conclusions can be drawn from the so-called evidence. The MLB statement from Pat Courtney, senior vice president of public relations, reads: "We cannot draw any conclusions from this video. There were no complaints from the Cardinals and the umpires never detected anything indicating a foreign substance throughout the game." Maybe now the Cardinals can stop whining and start playing baseball at a reasonable facsimile of major league competence.