Friday, October 25, 2013

John Henry Adds Publishing To Soccer Empire

After a Worcester judge removed a temporary restraining order, the sale of The Boston Globe to Red Sox Principal Owner John Henry was finalized yesterday. At last, the staff of the Liverpool Daily Post can rest easy—Henry will not be prowling around Merseyside for his newspaper toy. Henry paid $70 million in cash for the moribund rag on Morrissey Boulevard. About the only valuable asset in the deal is the real estate upon which the Globe's headquarters sit (maybe that could be the site of a New Fenway Park?) The actual paper is a shell of its former self—when the elitist "bow-tied bum-kissers" (as the inimitable Howie Carr used to call them) ruled the Boston newspaper market. We're sure that Henry's vibrant personality will liven things up at the Globule. And their Sox coverage should be Pulitzer Prize-winning rump-swab.