Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Empire To Second Baseman: Nice Cano-Ing Ya!

Here's one reason to root for Alex Rodriguez's ambulance-chasers: if he wins his appeal, the Yankees likely don't re-sign Robinson Cano. After Hal "Tweedle-Dumb" Steinbrenner admitted on radio yesterday that The Pinstriped Posers would not give Cano the ten-year deal he wants, it became clear that much of the reason hinges on A-Fraud's doping penalty. If The Fraudulent One is suspended for his record 211 games, The Bronx Embalmers would save $31 million next year. That might allow them to give Cano—say—an eight-year deal, sign Brian McCann away from the Braves and still stay under their targeted $189 payroll tax threshold. If Rodriguez wins his appeal, there's no way the Steinbrenner Spawn can afford Cano. Said Steinbrenner, "Is anybody an absolute must-to-sign? No. And that's nothing against Robby. [It's] just not reasonable to assume that about anybody. We are going to do what we can. We've certainly conveyed to Robby we want him back and we want him to be a career Yankee. We'll just have to see what transpires here." Go Centaur!