Monday, October 21, 2013

Different League Rules Help Cards Over Red Sox

The biggest failure of outgoing Commissioner Bud Selig was his inability to unify the rules in the American and National Leagues. The Designated Hitter rule needs to be applied across baseball for there to be fairness in the World Series. Take this year for example. You'd think Boston would get an edge with home field advantage (delivered, by the way, by Bud's ridiculous All-Star Game rule). Wrong, Pine Tar Breath! While the Red Sox do get an extra game at home—and thus get to keep both David Ortiz and Mike Napoli in the lineup in those contests—a larger view reveals the truth. With Allen Craig coming back off injury, the Red Birds get a huge advantage in the Fenway Park games—i.e., the ability to use their best 2013 RBI man instead of some slug pitcher. The Red Sox, on the other hand, lose either Ortiz or Napoli in three Busch Stadium games—and they are obviously far more dependent on the DH spot than St. Louis is on their pitchers' hitting skills. The bottom line is that the American League always loses out on the exchange—thanks to Selig's inability to ruffle the feathers of the National League "traditionalists" who love seeing pitchers strike out pathetically three or four times a game. Thanks, Bud!