Tuesday, October 29, 2013

David Ortiz Is Making History Before Our Eyes

Papi Getting Hitting Advice From FN's Editor-In-Chief (FN Photo)
We all know that David Ortiz is having a ridiculous World Series. But to appreciate just how historic his performance has been so far in the Fall Classic, you have to drill down a bit more deeply. First of all, if we take a little longer view, Ortiz is now the all-time leader in World Series OPS (1.370) among players with at least 40 at-bats. And who are the 'slugs' below him on the list? How about Lou Gehrig (1.214), Babe Ruth (1.214) and Reggie Jackson (1.212)?  In this year's World Series, Papi's OPS is an almost not to be believed 2.017. He is the first Red Sox player ever with consecutive 3-hit World Series games. Big Papi explains his post-season dominance thusly, "I was born for this". Indeed he was.