Thursday, October 24, 2013

Cardinal Gaffes Are Completely Out Of Character

For whatever reason, the St. Louis Cardinals looked like some other team on Wednesday night. Noted for their precise defensive prowess, they committed three actual errors and a couple more of omission, handing Boston enough momentum to capture Game One of the World Series. Pete Kozma committed two of the errors—and he's out there only for his glove. But perhaps the most embarrassing miscue was the Alphonse and Gaston act put on by Cardinal battery-mates Adam Wainwright and Yadier MolinaGold Glove winners at their positions. Like a scene out of The Bad News Bears, both stared at each other as Stephen Drew's pop-up fell between them just shy of the pitcher's mound. Even Wainwright and Molina had to offer up sheepish smiles. Was it nervousness? Was it the pressure of 40,000 ravenous fans roaring at every pitch? Or, hell, maybe it is the damn beards! Chances are, however, that the Cardinal defense will revert to form for the balance of the series.