Friday, October 25, 2013

A Modest Line-Up Proposal For Game Three

Now that the World Series has come down to a best three-of-five (with St. Louis holding home-field advantage), the Red Sox need to consider some serious lineup changes for Game Three. The paucity of offense has returned (after a Game One hiatus), and something needs to be done to 'jump-start' the bats. First and foremost, Stephen Drew needs to sit for at least one game—Xander Bogaerts should play short and hit sixth and Will Middlebrooks should play third and hit eighth. Any defensive downgrade at shortstop is acceptable for one game in exchange for a chance at more offense. Daniel Nava should be in left field on Saturday night and hit fifth. David Ross should be given another crack behind the plate and hit seventh. The revamped line-up would be: 1.) Ellsbury, CF; 2.) Victorino, RF; 3.) Pedroia, 2B; 4.) Ortiz, 1B; 5.) Nava, LF; 6.) Bogaerts, SS; 7.) Ross, C; 8.) Middlebrooks, 3B; 9.) Peavy, P.