Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Will Sox Or Astros Reach Century Mark First?

UPDATE: 'Stros Do, In Fact, Lose 100th
The Houston Astros have 99 losses, the Red Sox have 92 wins. While you'd think it was a no-brainer that the 'Lastros' will reach the century mark first, they are 7-8 so far in September—a winning percentage (.466) light years ahead of their season mark (.340). While they play a formidable line-up of Wild Card-hungy teams down the stretch (Reds, Indians, Rangers, Yankees), these are the Houston Astros after all. They take pride in their 'throw-up' rainbow unis. They put marquee names on the diamond like Carlos Corporan, Trevor Crowe and Jonathan Villar. They....Uh, never mind. 'Stros get there first—maybe tonight