Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Red Sox Are Setting The Pace In MLB

Don't look now, but your 2013 Carmine Hose have not only resurrected themselves from the worst season in a generation, they are now setting the pace in Major League Baseball. With 16 games left to play, they have a commanding 8.5 game lead on their nearest division rivals—and their Magic Number to clinch the AL East is 10. They have the most wins in baseball (88), the second best winning percentage (.603 to Atlanta's .604) and they also dominate in some of the weirder statistical categories. For example, when a left-handed starter has been thrown at the Red Sox, they have a stunning 31-19 record—the only team with 30 wins against lefties. They are #1 in MLB in stolen base percentage (85.5%). They also dominate in some of the more traditional categories like: runs scored (#1 in MLB with 759); on-base percentage (#1 in MLB at .349); slugging (#1 in MLB at .444); and OPS (#1 in MLB at .793). So, by almost any key measure, this Red Sox team is the cream of the MLB crop.