Sunday, September 29, 2013

Next Red Sox Rival Could Be Fit To Be 'Tied'

If you thought the tiebreakers for the best record in the American League were convoluted, welcome to the Wild Card mess. If Tampa, Cleveland and Texas finish in a flat-footed tie, they would engage in a wild three-day skirmish to win the right to face the Red Sox at Fenway on Friday Night. A three-way knot would mean that Cleveland and Tampa would play a "play-in" for the "play-in" on Monday at The Mistake On The Lake. The loser of that game, would fly to Texas to take on the Rangers for another "play-in" for the "play-in" game on Tuesday. The winner of that game plays the winner of Monday's game on Wednesday—for the actual Wild Card play-in game. The survivor of this gauntlet get the privilege of playing Boston on Friday in Game 1 of the ALDS. We can only hope!