Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mike Carp Scoffs At NYY Sign-Stealing Charges

It must be tough to have a $228,106,125 payroll and be fighting for your life in the "second" Wild Card race. Maybe that's why The Evil Ones are behaving in such Bush League fashion by charging other teams with sign-stealing. In their last two series they have accused both the Red Sox and Orioles of pilfering signage—and specifically fingered Mike Carp of The Carmine Hose. Carp laughingly responded thusly, "I'm not even an every-day player. I wasn't stealing signs. I couldn't take that from them." Apparently, the entire dugout—led by pitching coach Larry Rothschild—was in on the "carping of Carp". Former Oriole Billy Ripken has also ridiculed The Pinstriped Posers saying, "So it is a little ridiculous. It’s almost Little League-like that the first- and third-base coaches are actually in play...but it is very, very difficult and it’s highly unlikely, in my opinion, that the Orioles were doing it." How pathetic.