Sunday, September 15, 2013

Are They 'The EggMen'? 2013 Sox Defy All Odds

Whatever you think of the Globe's Dan Shaughnessy, you have to admit that the man can turn a phrase. In today's piece, he rightfully compares this year's edition of The Carmine Hose to the lovable 1967 crew of Impossible Dream fame. And, indeed, this hirsute crew does have the right match-ups, as Shaughnessy points out: "John Henry is Tom Yawkey. Ben Cherington is Dick O’Connell. David Ortiz is Yaz. Jacoby Ellsbury is Reggie Smith. Mike Carp is Dalton Jones. Ryan Dempster is Lee Stange. David Ross is Mike Ryan. Brandon Workman is Gary Waslewski. Joe Castiglione is Ned Martin." And—as we have—he also struggles with what to call these guys, at one point referring to them as: "The ZZ Top/House of David/John Lennon ('Man you been a naughty boy. You let your face grow long') All-Stars." The Lennon reference gave us an idea: They Are The Egg-Men!