Friday, August 2, 2013

Jonny Gomes & Kevin Millar Face-Off On WEEI

(TWITTER photo)
While Kevin Millar was doing his usual gig on WEEI's Mut & Merloni program, an unexpected caller interrupted the interview—Red Sox left-fielder Jonny Gomes. Hearing some of the trash talk dished out by Millar ("Gomes get HRs in batting practice, I get them for real"), Gomes felt compelled to respond in real time. Commenting on Millar's "Hollywood" career, Jonny stated, "Your doing OK behind the camera,  I'm doing better in the bottom of the ninth." Ouch. When Millar commented on Gomes' appearance, he shot back with this: "My front teeth are real and I don't have highlights." Boo-Yeah. After Millar begged off to continue playing golf with his rich and famous friends, Gomes continued with Mut & Lou. He revealed that the twitching helmet adjustment routine is something he's done since Little League. When asked about the impact of the team's beard-growing on their success, Gomes delivered the best quote of the interview: "The beard hasn't thrown or hit a slider all year." Indeed.