Friday, August 23, 2013

Gonzalez & Punto Kinder And Gentler On Hub

The Rational Ones In 'The Great Punto Deal'
As blindly negative as Carl Crawford has been about his Boston experience, Adrian Gonzaelz and Nick Punto seem pretty rational by contrast. The two other members of The Great Punto Trade of 2012 (Beckett has lobbed nasty stuff from the DL) made known their feelings on Said A-Gon, "For the most part, we underperformed last year in Boston and we didn't win. The year before, we won. We just didn't make it to the postseason at the end. I had a good time. The only things I had there weren't really a big deal." Of his former team's fortunes in 2013, he stated, "Then, put solid players around them, they should have success if they play up to their abilities." Punto—the obvious centerpiece of last August's mega-deal—said he loved his time in Boston and added the following on the 2012 situation, "Pedroia is the heartbeat of that club, and when he's not happy, it's not a good thing. He was definitely not very happy." And, so, our Mixed Metaphor Lesson Of The Day is: "Keep the glass half-full and don't burn any bridges."