Monday, August 19, 2013

Dempster, Sox Wake Sleeping Midgets; Lose 9-6

The Immaculate Plunking?
An endless debate will ensue over whether Ryan Dempster should have plunked The Fraudulent One last night in a 9-6 loss to The Evil Ones at Fenway. In isolation, it was a long overdue act against a punk who has disgraced baseball. But, in the context of an important game, it seems to have ignited a fire under the AARP Yankees—at least for one night. Was it worth it? We'll let you know on October 1st. The game itself was more about Demspter and the bullpen allowing a 6-3 lead to evaporate—a lead built after the Immaculate Plunking of Alex Rodriguez. There was no excuse for that—and it calls into question how good Dempster really is. Bottom line? It felt good at first, it may have turned the remaining seven games against The Pinstriped Posers into a slugfest of epic proportions.