Friday, August 9, 2013

A-Rod Returns To Concrete Bunker In Bronx

(Reuters Photo)
You may have thought that Monday night's boo-fest at US Cellular Field was the highlight of the 2013 Alex Rodriguez Suspension Tour. Wrong, PED-breath! Tonight is the capstone event of the Tour—the return of The Fraudulent One to his home turf in the lovely borough of the Bronx. What does A-Fraud think of tonight? He stated the following to USAToday, "All I can tell you is that it's a day I've been dreaming about ever since the last postseason. Since my surgery. Since all this stuff has come out. Every single day. I've got the opportunity to put on the pinstripes and compete at Yankee Stadium once again. This is why I came back. It's been a long time coming." Yes, it has. It will be fascinating to hear the decibel level of the boos from the Yankee faithful. And we're sure that Yankee ShillMistress Suzyn Waldman will reiterate her statement from Monday night, "There’s a lot of people standing and cheering, there really are." Uh-huh.