Monday, July 15, 2013

Arrivederci Alfredo: Sox Send Aceves Packing

Alfredo And Editor-In-Chief (FN Photo)
Apparently, the Alfredo Aceves Era has ended (sort of). By "outrighting" Aceves to Pawtucket (after every other MLB team passed on him via the waiver wire), the Red Sox took him off the 40-man roster and—essentially—cut him loose forever. Technically, Boston could bring him back—but that would mean bumping a more valuable player off the 40-man. That's highly unlikely—espeically after the pitcher's latest dustup in Seattle. Reportedly, he took himself out of last Tuesday's game without authorization—and apparently without being injured. Not the way to treat John Farrell. On a personal note, FenwayNation staff ran into Alfredo on the road in Pittsburgh two years ago. He was by himself, at a corner table of a hotel lounge—looking like the loneliest guy on Earth. We recognized him and said 'hello', which seemed to perk him up. Along came a "babysitting" coach to pick up the slack and we were off. The guy was undoubtedly weird, but—at times—he pitched well for us. This team will be a little more boring without him.